With a recorded history of over 3,000 years and hundreds of archeological sites, few countries in the Western Hemisphere have a cultural heritage like Guatemala. Indeed, the Maya civilization in Mesoamerica, along with Egypt, the Indus Valley, China and Mesopotamia, was one of the only ancient civilizations to develop a written language, advanced mathematics and astronomy.


The Maya: One of the most advanced civilizations in the Americas

This heritage and patrimony is strengthened by the survival of several ethnic communities that have preserved their traditions across the millennia. A determination to bring this outstanding legacy to the citizens of Guatemala, as well as to the rest of the world, lies at the core of the creation of the Museo Maya de America (MMA).

About the Maya Museum of America Foundation

The Maya Museum of America Foundation is a Guatemalan non-profit organization that promotes the creation of a world-class museum aiming to become the most important depository of Maya archaeology in the world.








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